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Title Description Grade Levels Length/ Size
Best Value Activity- OUT ON THE TOWN 5,6 N/A
Complete After School Guide, Updated 2016   This document contains the entire after school Math Can Take You Places curriculum. Activities are listed by focus area in alphabetical order. Each individual activity has its own separate numbering. 3,4,5,6 11MB
Measurement - Lesson 11 - Courts of Measure This lesson gives intermediate-aged students the chance to explore the area and perimeter of their school gym or a nearby school gym. 3,4,5,6 173KB
Cover Up Given a perimeter, students will create rectangles that will maximize the area to cover the most square units on the game board, in order to discover a generalization for maximizing area given a certain perimeter. 3,4 4MB
Dominio, Rango, Razonamiento Spanish Video- Ride with Mrs. Garcia's class as they explore the highs and lows of paying for a family trip to an amusement park. N/A 10:57
Measurement - Lesson 7 - Don't Be a Square Students will learn the relationship between the radius and diameter of a circle and the relationship of the diameter and the circumference of a circle. 5,6 240KB
Fast Breaks Activity- FUN AT HOME WITH KIDS 3,4,5,6 N/A
Measurement - Lesson 6 - Figure This Out The investigations will give the students an opportunity to apply and expand their measurement skills. 3,4,5,6 209KB
Fraction Diary Activity- FAMILY FUN AT HOME 5,6 N/A
Go Figure Define, estimate, and investigate measurement while creating a model of a pro basketball player. 3,4,5,6 407KB