The Math Can Take You Places Professional Development Series gives you all the tools you need to deliver training that can help infuse excitement into mathematics teaching.

Created to accompany the Math Can Take You Places Development Series best practice videos, each of the five one-hour trainings includes a training outline, a PDF slideshow, accompanying handouts, and a certificate of completion.

Incorporating the Internet

This generation is technologically savvy, and well adapted to learning and practicing new skills via the Internet. This professional development series not only offers lesson-planning tips, but also gives classroom management strategies for using the Internet. Go to the materials



Incorporating Video

What do Cyberchase, Mister Rogers, and Sesame Street all have in common? Educational opportunities for young people delivered via television broadcasting.

Go to the materials



Mathematics in Everyday Life

Do you wish you had a nickel for every time your students asked, “Why are we doing this?” Go to the materials



Thinking Algebraically

“What do you mean x is equal to 4? Yesterday you said x was equal to 3? Sound familiar?” Go to the materials



Using Manipulatives

Students have different learning styles, and often it is a challenge to make mathematics instruction meaningful and to clarify concepts for all learners. Go to the materials