Keep a journal for 5 days and record how many hours you sleep, eat, watch TV/movies, play video games, play for recreation (outside or board games) and any other routine daily activity.

Record each category as a fraction of a day by placing the number of hours spent on the activity on top as the numerator and making "24" the bottom of the fraction (denominator).

Remember: all 24 hours in each day should be accounted for. For example, on Monday, you slept 10 hours (10/24), ate 2 hours (2/24), played 6 hours (6/24), watched TV or played video games 4 hours (4/24) and do other things 2 hours (2/24).

Convert each category to a fraction, decimal and percent. To convert to a decimal, divide the top number (numerator) by the bottom number (denominator), then convert to a percentage by multiplying the decimal by 100. For example, 6/24 = .25 = 25%.

EXTENSION: Simplify the fractions first and then convert. For example, 6/24 = 3/8