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Title Description Grade Levels Length/ Size
Round Trip Activity- VACATION FUN 6 N/A
Tall Order Activity- FUN AT HOME WITH KIDS 3,4,5,6 N/A
Tall Order Design the layout of a room to accommodate a 7 1/2-foot basketball player by investigating the measurement concepts of perimeter and area. 3,4,5,6 181KB
TEKS and Common Core Alignment, Updated 2016      Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and Common Core correlations for the Math Can Take You Places curriculum (updated August 2016). 3,4,5,6 375KB
Measurement - Lesson 10 - Tile My Bathroom Floor Each student will be given a bathroom floor plan and will create his or her own design of floor tiles to cover a bathroom floor. 6 215KB
Timed Travel Activity- VACATION FUN FOR KIDS 5,6 N/A
To Check or Not to Check Activity- VACATION FUN 5,6 N/A
Weigh Too Much Students will estimate the weights and masses of items that will be packed for a vacation. The objective is to select items that come closest to the specified weight limit without going over. 3,4,5,6 110KB
World Traveler Relay Answer measurement questions to get your tourist dressed for vacation. 3,4,5,6 414KB