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Title Description Grade Levels Length/ Size
Lowest Score Students will achieve the lowest possible score by adding the remaining numbers. 3,4 1.4MB
Equivalency - Lesson 2 - Penny In this lesson, students will find the decimal equivalents of fractions of a dollar. 3,4,5,6 177KB
Relative Object Sketch Activity- FAMILY FUN AT HOME 3,4 N/A
Riddle Me This Match word problems to their equations, then solve the equation for the missing quantity that makes the number sentence true. 3,4 352KB
Equivalency - Lesson 5 - Right on Time Students will use the differences between time zones to practice equivalency concepts. 3,4,5,6 338KB
Equivalency - Lesson 1 - Sentence Match Students practice creating word problems and matching them with the proper algebraic number sentence. 5 161KB
Sports Stats Activity- FAMILY FUN AT HOME 6 N/A
TEKS and Common Core Alignment, Updated 2016      Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and Common Core correlations for the Math Can Take You Places curriculum (updated August 2016). 3,4,5,6 375KB
Time Flies Video- All you need to tell time is a clock, right? Well, the students in Mrs. Garcia's class learn that telling time isn't always simple. 3,4,5 11:03
You’ve Been Served Activity- FUN AT HOME WITH KIDS 3,4,5,6 N/A