Next time you are watching your favorite sport on TV or in person, have your child find the product of 2 players' jerseys by using multiplication. For example, Dirk Nowitzki is #41 and Josh Howard is #5. 41 x 5 =205.


To make the activity easier, you could find the sum of the 2 jerseys or the difference (addition and subtraction) For a more challenging problem, increase the number of players' jerseys you use for each problem. For example, use 3 players' numbers or all 5 players' numbers out on the basketball court at one time.

Bonus Question: The product of the numbers on two player's jerseys is 84. The difference between the two numbers is 5. What are the numbers on the jerseys? Answer: 12 and 7. The product of 12 x 7 =84 and 12-7 =5.