The following activity requires 1 deck of cards, a calculator and paper to keep score.

Addition of whole numbers, 2-digit + 2-digit
(For example, 29 + 31.)

-Remove face cards
-Remove 10s
-Aces = 1
-Jokers = 0

The game is for 2-4 players or teams. The object of the game is to score the most points by making and solving math problems with large answers. Each player draws 4 cards--enough to make a 2 digit + 2 digit number. As each card is drawn it must be placed to form one of the numbers. The player must try to for the largest possible numbers. Cards may not be moved once they are placed.

After the cards are placed, players must calculate the answer to their problem. If the answer is correct, a player may record the answer as his/her score. If incorrect, (s)he must record a score of zero for that round. Players are encouraged to calculate each answer in their heads without paper/pencil or calculator and within a two- minute time limit. The score keeper may use a calculator to check the answers.

Record the answer for each player for each round. The game ends when there are no cards remaining in the pack or at the end of four rounds, whichever comes first. The player with the largest total is the winner.